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Pick Your Own Berries & Fruit

Pick-your-own Apples...NOW ON!

Triple B Farms opens its orchard to customers hungry for the region’s tastiest apples!! Pick Your Own style!  Customers can walk to the apple orchard to pick their own apples on Saturdays and Sundays. Call for exact starting date.  First varieties to be picked: Galas & Honeycrisps.  Stay tuned for more varieties as the apples ripen. Three different sized bags are available and priced for families to enjoy! You might think that “an apple is an apple is an apple,” but you’d be amazed at how much better a fresh-from-the-field apple tastes than a grocery-store apple. When apples don’t sit on the shelf, they retain a crispness that just can’t come from the grocery store. And Triple B grows only the very best varieties, including Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Fuji and more. Take your pick of eating apples and baking apples – Triple B has both



Strawberries...May through mid-June

 Triple B opens for the summer when strawberries are ready for picking. Berries are usually ready in late May.  Always call 724-258-3557 for the exact date of ripening.Customers may pick their own berries or buy berries pre-picked in the farm's Country Market & Gift Shop.  Strawberries are loaded with vitamins C, K, E, other vitamins and minerals, and cancer-inhibiting antioxidants.



Raspberries are homegrown & delicious at Triple B Farms. Always call ahead for the exact picking dates, but usually, red raspberry Pick Your Own is available before black raspberry PICK YOUR OWN. Triple B provides you with containers, so the berries maintain their beautiful shape all the way home. Please note, the local Southwestern PA raspberry season lasts for only about three weeks, so hurry on out before they're all gone!  Of course, we love to pick fresh for you daily in the Farm Market, so you can just stop by and purchase them from the cooler, if you prefer!

Triple B's blueberry bushes drip with plentiful blueberries, usually starting in late June and lasting about one month. We try to offer pick-your-own blueberries on one or two weekends, but blueberries are always available in our Country Market during blueberry season. We also use the berries in pies, fudge, muffins and homemade doughnuts. Blueberries, a powerful antioxidant, have been called one of the world's healthiest foods and have been shown to improve memory and reduce cognitive problems associated with aging. And Triple B's berries "pop" in your mouth and are loaded with flavor.


Peaches...ripen in late July-Mid-Aug.

Triple B’s peaches are fabulous when Mother Nature cooperates. Each year we wonder about the orchard blossoms and hope for warm weather throughout the Spring. Triple B tries to offer one weekend of Pick Your Own Peaches for your family, but this does not always come to pass. Regardless, fresh peaches will be available in our farm market and our customers always look forward to the fun and flavorful summer peach festival each August! Stay tuned.



Triple B Farms

823 Berry Lane, Monongahela, PA 15063

(724) 258.3557  |  email us today

Just 15 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Triple B Farms has welcomed families and guests to their farmstead since 1985. Enjoy fresh country air and inspiring natural fun, while you explore and shop for local professionally-grown fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, home made fudge, and gift baskets. Pop’s Farmyard is perfect for family memories – animals, learning and acres of fun.Worth the Drive since 1985!


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