Triple B Farms  |  823 Berry Lane, Monongahela, PA 15063  | (724) 258.3557  |  email us today







Pumpkinland Fall Activities Hours (questionable weather? Call ahead.):Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Evenings 4-7pm &

Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm & Columbus Monday 12-6pm


Food Barn Hours:Fridays 4-6:30pm and

Sat & Sun:10am-5pm, Columbus Monday 12-5:30pmm

Serving fresh Triple B Donuts, Triple B Apple  Fries, lunch &  snacks


Farm Market Hours (questionable weather? Call ahead.): Monday-Tues:10am-6pm.   Wed,Thurs,Friday 10-7pm  | Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm


Pick-Your-Own Hours (questionable weather? Call ahead.):Wed, Thurs, Fridays 4-6:45pm,

Sat &Sun:10am-5pm, Columbus Monday 12-5:30pmm

 Fuji & Cameo Apples & Pumpkins



Triple B Farms

823 Berry Lane, Monongahela, PA 15063

(724) 258.3557  |  email us today

Just 15 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Triple B Farms has welcomed families and guests to their farmstead since 1985. Enjoy fresh country air and inspiring natural fun, while you explore and shop for local professionally-grown fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, home made fudge, and gift baskets. Pop’s Farmyard is perfect for family memories – animals, learning and acres of fun.Worth the Drive since 1985!


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