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Donation Requests

Triple B Farms strives to support our local community whenever possible. However, donations requests continue to grow each and every year. As a result, Triple B Farms is unable to donate to all worthy requests. We offer two standard donations:


1. Prize pack of tickets for one of our festivals. Festival chosen is based on date of charitable event.

2. Silent Auction basket with a maximum retail value of $25.


If you have different donation requests, feel free to fill out the donation request form detailing your event. We will consider all forms submitted.


If your donation request is fulfilled, Triple B Farms will contact you ASAP to make arrangements for pick up. Request forms will be automatically submitted to


Triple B Farms

823 Berry Lane, Monongahela, PA 15063

(724) 258.3557  |  email us today

Just 15 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Triple B Farms has welcomed families and guests to their farmstead since 1985. Enjoy fresh country air and inspiring natural fun, while you explore and shop for local professionally-grown fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, home made fudge, and gift baskets. Pop’s Farmyard is perfect for family memories – animals, learning and acres of fun.Worth the Drive since 1985!


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